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The Way to Make the Most of Your Bible Study

Hoping to have something from their time, millions of individuals read the Bible every year. Many seem not to get much out of their time. Learning how to take advantage of your own Bible study requires preparing well for, reading well during, and living well after your reading of Scripture.

Prepare Well

Good preparation is vital in figuring out how to make the most of your own Bible study. Choose a time that you can spend free from distracting influences. A time is effective on a standard basis is usually best. Select a location that is properly lit, has appropriate furniture, and increases the odds of your time being as uninterrupted as possible.
Collect ideal tools for making good use of your time. Some methods of taking notes in your Bible and in another format is quite helpful. Minimally, a nice point pen and blank paper or note cards should be used. Maintain an excellent English dictionary handy as well as Bible reference works like a concordance, Bible dictionary, and atlas.
Spend time in prayer before beginning your own time in Scripture. From time to time, also return over your current notes to see patterns in what God was saying to you lately.

Read Well

To understand how to make the most of your Bible research, provide much attention to studying well. Reading aloud can be an excellent aid to getting greater comprehension. Read thoughtfully and long enough for God to talk to you.
Pray for understanding while you examine. Pray over matters God shows you. Thank God for showing Himself to you when He does. At least sometimes, pray specifically that God Himself would explain to you how you can take advantage of your own Bible study.
Utilize Bible reference works through your reading to get the most of your time. Consult dictionaries for significance of words that are unfamiliar and atlases for assistance with geographic references.
Document what God shows you from your study. Mark in your Bible key ideas that you see, especially cross references which help open your understanding of what it is that you are reading. Take at least short notes so you can rehearse important insights later.
Think deeply about how what you read applies to life. Ask God to tell you exactly what He wants you to do with everything you've read.
Keep track of what you read so which you can monitor your progress through the Bible. 
Select at least from time to time something to memorize from what you read. Put that stuff on a note card or other source which can be readily consulted throughout the day.
Finish your time in prayer. Thank God for that which He has given you.

Live Well

After finishing your time in Scripture, planning what you may do with what you've read is an integral element in learning how to take advantage of your own Bible study. Too frequently, little attention is given to the vital matter of applying Scripture to your life. Aside from living well because of your studying, you will not profit from the time how God intends.
Rehearsing at different points throughout the day that which you read and memorized earlier is quite helpful. A fantastic means to do that's to share with others what God showed you that day. Discussing with family and friends how you intend to modify your thinking and living will enable you to do what God revealed to you daily. Family devotional occasions and group Bible studies are fantastic configurations to share and discuss your insights.
Making yourself accountable to your prayer partner for doing exactly what God needs is another good method to take advantage of your time in Scripture. Organizing your insights from Scripture in a means that permits you to access them in future times of reading the very same passages can help you conserve the insights that God gave you. Employing electronic study tools to organize your own insights is a great way to understand how to take advantage of your own Bible study.

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