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Ozone depletion is actually thinning of the ozone layer

Ecosystems are also being destroyed. The first victim of ozone depletion was Antarctica. Now 16th September is celebrated as World Ozone Day. It then combines with one of the three oxygen atoms in the ozone molecule.God has given us innumerable blessings and one of it undoubtedly is the ozone layer. The environment is being Oil burner damaged and the earths climate is also changing. This was discovered in 1984. There is an increase in cataracts.

There are a lot of adverse effects of Ozone Depletion. They are highly stable and accumulate in the atmosphere and deplete the Ozone Layer. The Ultra Violet rays damage plants as well.CFC s were used as refrigerants in air conditioners and refrigerators/freezers, in propellants in cleaners, room deodorizers, furniture polishes, hair spray and perfumes. This is leading to Ozone Depletion!

The reality that the Ozone layer was depleting was found out in the mid 1980 s.

Ozone depletion is actually thinning of the ozone layer. In the stratosphere the chlorine atom is taken off from the CFC molecule. There is a huge hole on top of it. One single chlorine atom can destroy more than 100,000 molecules of ozone. Global warming is also a consequence of Ozone depletion due to which the ice caps are melting and if this continued to happen there will be flooding and our reserves of water will be wasted.
. Every time 1 of the Ozone layer is lost 2 more UV rays reach the surface of the planet. There is an increase in skin cancer as Ultra Violet rays are not being filtered and more are reaching the Earths surface. It is a layer in the stratosphere, some 15 20 miles above the ground. Depletion of the ozone is taking place at both the hemispheres. They are highly toxic, highly flammable and highly reactive compounds. It contains high concentrations of ozone (O3) which absorb most of these rays.

The depletion is a catalytic process by atomic chlorine. The ozone layer is the layer that protects us from the harmful Ultra Violet rays of the sun. Now Ozone Depletion has become a major environmental issue. In addition to this there is an increased risk of malaria and other infectious diseases. Due to this thinning, holes have been formed in the ozone layer. This process continues until all the oxygen atoms are taken. It is happening everywhere except the tropics. The disappointing part is that although this layer is of so much advantage to life on earth especially the human beings, we are not taking adequate care of it. In 1987 the use of CFC s was banned under the Montreal Protocol a treaty to protect the ozone. They were used as blowing agents in the production of Styrofoam and foam rubber as well. Now much more environment friendly products are being used. There are a couple of causes for Ozone Depletion but the main cause of its destruction is the release of CFC s (chlorofluorocarbons).

A lot is now being done to save the ozone layer from being depleted otherwise the effects on the planet would be catastrophic.

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