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News - Lucao joins Spring 119th Canton Fair

From Apr 15 to Apri 19, 2016, we took part in 119th Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China. At fair, we exhibited 6FW-PH corn grits milling machine. To better introduce machines to visitors, we run machines, feed corn into machine and grind corn into different sizes of corn grits and corn flour. Visitors can see clearly quality of corn grits and flour and learn about our advanced corn milling technology.


We are happy that we have many customers from Europe, South America, Indonesia, Angola, South Africa, etc. Our machines are popular at their market. Corn milling machine can help them improve food quality and taste. Beans peeling machines for removing lentil skin, black eye bean skin, coffee bean skin are highly praised by customers.


Also, following advice from an Italian customer, we will upgrade our machine color, finish, and design, wish Autumn Canton Fair in October this year, we can bring even better corn milling machines for customers around the world.


dal mill machine

Our official website: http://www.beanpeelingmachine.com

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