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Is Mineral Makeup Really Better - Ask Dr. Brian Evans

The Benefits of Mineral Makeup over regular or "traditional" makeup sold on the market today are, in fact, many. The number one reason most women make the switch is that Mineral Makeup can actually make a woman's skin look younger. Because it is a very lightweight and silky texture - not heavy and weighed down - it gives a very natural, and younger, look. Because Mineral Makeup is truly made up of micronized minerals, it actually sits on the skin and doesn't absorb into it, so it doesn't clog pores or cake up in lines or creases. It sweeps away fine lines rather than accentuating them like regular makeup often does.


Liquid makeup is so yesterday. These days, women the world over are wearing the new "hot" product - mineral makeup. Those who haven't converted, however, might be unclear on the concept. What's all the fuss about anyway? Isn't putting minerals on your face a bit odd? Mineral cosmetics and makeup is hot for a reason. There are many benefits to using this natural product on your skin, which we'll outline here.


Most mainstream shampoos contain sulfates which is great for making lots of lather but not so great for your personal health, your hairs health and even the environment's health. So why are the mainstream companies still using sulfates in their brands of shampoos? For the most part it is because sulfates are cheap to make and create lots of lather. Being that we are all have become accustom to the idea that lots of bubbles means really clean hair they keep making cheap shampoos.


A perfect face is what we all crave, but only few of us are blessed with one. Dark circles, pigmentation, wrinkles, skin burns etc spoil the beauty of our face. To get a picture perfect face and a radiant look people take resort to makeup. There are various types of it available nowadays in the market but, mineral make up is now the talk of everyone.


First of all - what is mineral makeup? Mineral makeup is made from naturally-occuring crushed minerals, usually zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxides and mica. These loose minerals are combined together in different quantities to make a variety of mineral makeup powder formulations such as foundations, finishing powders, concealers, blushers, bronzers and eye shadows. The minerals titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in particular, act as a natural sunblock, effectively filtering UVA and UVB rays to deliver sun protection of up to SPF 20.


Although mineral makeup may be the new rage, it is actually not new. Women and men have been adorning their bodies with "earth colors" since ancient times. Recently, conventional methods have led to the development cosmetics that are less than natural and chock-full of chemicals and sometimes even carcinogenic, ingredients. Mineral makeup is an attempt to get back to basics, using naturally occurring minerals which are ground to a fine powder, as the base for the makeup.


With mineral makeup as popular as it is, you might have become interested in using it yourself, but there are many brands and just as many or more promises. You might wonder what the hype is about as well as if you will see any true benefit from using mineral makeup.


Mineral makeup has become as popular as it is for a reason. It's ideal for most skin types and generally flatters those who wear it. Let's look first at some of the benefits of mineral makeup and then examine a few of the top-selling mineral makeup companies.


If a makeup is said to be in its most natural form, then it must be a mineral powder makeup. Mineral makeup contains no talc, oils, dyes, fillers, or any harmful chemicals that can leave your skin dull and lifeless. This type of makeup contains nothing else but pigment minerals such as titanium oxide and zinc oxide. These are naturally occurring compounds that won't cause allergies on your face or block the pores of your skin. Mineral makeup is lightweight and fresh. And it can make you look gorgeous minus the nightmares associated with conventional makeup.


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