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Lighting the cigar correctly is a vital part of the process, not only from the view of ensuring it burns smoothly and evenly, but the ritualistic element is part of the pleasure of cigar smoking.

Handmade cigars need to be cut before lighting. Using a sharp knife, scissors or ideally a cigar cutter, remove the closed end of the cigar, leaving about one eighth of an inch (3mm) of the cap remaining. Make the cut quick and clean; to avoid damaging the wrapper leaves. The real trick is to be decisive, once you have lined up the cut, do it in one quick motion; a tentative, squeezed cut will tear the leaves.

To light the cigar, contain the cigar and provide the flame up to meet up the eliminate horizontally, ( be sure you use an odourless light, not really a petrol lighter) revolving the cigar therefore the eliminate is uniformly charred, blowing on the charred eliminate will generate hook glow, which helps the smooth burning up of the cigar.
Draw slowly upon the cigar now, whilst holding the flame nearly however, not quite, touching the cigar. Gradually rotate the cigar in the flame to make sure an even burn. Blowing softly on the lit finish line also helps evenness.

Once the cigar is lit, allow the smoke to waft around your mouth, enjoying the flavour. Do not puff too hard and cause overheating nor inhale just like a cigarette. A good cigar will create an ash that can get so long as an in . (2. 4cm. ) Don't flick this too often, unlike a cigarette, or risk the cigar going out or burning unevenly. Should the cigar go out, simply knock any burnt ash from the end and start the lighting process from the beginning.

When the cigar is about an inch (2. 5cm) from the middle of the band, it is time to give it up. Lay the cigar in an ashtray and it will soon extinguish itself. Remember to get rid of the butt as since possible soon. The old saying will go that, "The only period a Havana resembles an inexpensive cigar is certainly in the ashtray. "

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