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How To Create an Awesome Craft Show Display

Thousands of craft shows take place across the nation every year, and with good reason. Many people like to shop for unique, handmade accents that will add depth to their homes. If you are one of many vendors participating in a craft show this year, you are likely thinking of ideas to create a spectacular display. After all, you do want to draw customers in. The set up of your booth is likely to determine how much merchandise you can display, so be sure to pay attention to the vendor contract specifics.

Setting Up Your Display

There are a few crucial things that you will need in order to create your display:

Tables- most spaces accommodate 6' tables, so be sure to have these on hand if they are not provided by the producers of the show.

Table cloths- most shows require that you have cloths that extend to the base of the table. Not only does this create a professional appearance, but it also allows you to store extra merchandise, site unseen.

Displays- While it may be enticing to put all of your stuff on a flat table, you will definitely want to invest in some tiered displays. This could keep your table from looking unorganized and can provide some extra room to show your items also.

Signs - in the event that you already don't have one, have a few symptoms made up. Small symptoms you may make yourself for listing prices and this kind of. You shall also require a banner to drape over the front side of your table, or hang up the phone behind you. The banner will list your company display and name some of your very best photographs of your products.

Promotional Materials - that is essential books wish your customers in order to find you following the show has ended. Consider getting business cards and marketing brochures.
Once you have all of these items, you will want to do a mock display in your garage or driveway. Be sure to take pictures so that when the day of the craft show arrives, you are prepared. You can refer back to your photograph to determine exactly where you had each item. If you have a night show, bring a light such as a LED Warm White Wall Washer to light up both your banner and your table. Most of all have fun and talk about your products with the passion that you have for making them. That alone will entice people to buy.

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