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Plan ahead to help everyone Memory Repair Protocol get the most out of holiday time together. Depending on the senior's stage of dementia, it may be beneficial to review photos of people who will be visiting and talk a little bit about them.

Prepare guests by speaking with them before visiting the person with Alzheimer's or dementia. Inform them of changes in appearance, memory, and behavior that they should expect. Remind visitors not to focus on the changes but rather on what remains.

Plan activities that guests can enjoy with the senior suffering from dementia. These may include looking at old photos, reading a book, or reminiscing (if the person with Alzheimer's or dementia is able to recall the past). These are also good distractions in case problematic behaviors occur.

People with dementia are often anxious and easily confused on regular days. Holiday festivities bring change to routines that may be disturbing for someone with dementia. Even something like having a tree in the living room can cause anxious behaviors for an Alzheimer's patient.

When planning events, consider the needs and abilities of the person with Alzheimer's. Try to plan visits at home or somewhere that is familiar, safe, and comfortable for the person with Alzheimer's. Consider scheduling visits or events earlier in the day, when the person is less fatigued. http://diabetesdefeatedreview.com/the-memory-repair-protocol-review

Establish a designated quiet space for the person with dementia in case they become overwhelmed or fatigued. Ask a family member or good friend to stay close to the senior throughout gatherings to provide care, explain what is going on, answer repeated questions, and take the person to their quiet area if they become fatigued or confused.

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