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These days, most people associate owning a custom car with famous street racing movies. In reality, there is a lot more to a custom car than drag racing down Main Street. People have been customizing their cars since the early 1950s, when it was considered "cool" to add on shining chrome pieces to the body of Chevrolets. Having a custom car is a confidence-booster, as it reflects personal style. Any car can be customized, and it doesn't take a lot of money to make most changes. Car customizations have come a long way over the past few years. Today, every driver can customize their ride.

These are some of the most popular customizations, offering the biggest impact for the price:

Navigation Systems
Fully-functioning navigation systems may not be visible from the outside, but these customizations can be enjoyed by drivers and passengers. With a navigation program upgrade, drivers do not have to be concerned about using paper maps or downloading directions. Satnav systems can be included in the dash using aftermarket parts or installed for portability, predicated on the owner's preference.

Seat Covers
Seats that are outdated, stained and battered reap the benefits of custom seat covers pertaining to a far more attractive appearance. New child car seats are shielded by custom seat addresses, giving owners the chance to flash a little of their personality simultaneously.

Stash Box
Sometimes, a customized car has custom choices specific to the inside. Custom stash boxes enable car owners to shop cash, CDs and essential documents within their car safely. These stash boxes could be hidden beneath the seat, concealed in the trunk or included in the hinged door.

Upgrading the Stereo
The most typical customization for cars may be the stereo, because an iPod or Music player connection will not come standard generally in most vehicles. When a stereo system is upgraded, it needs to be installed to get the desired effect correctly. By hiding wires properly, ensuring there is absolutely no interference and using quality loudspeakers, a signature is got by a customized car sound to go with other modifications to the surface. Most car owners opting for advanced Bluetooth-ready equipment which allows streaming with Bluetooth music products to allow them to avoid coping with cords and USB wires.

Hood Ornaments and Emblem Adjustments
Hood ornaments and emblems are the easiest and most affordable car customizations, ready in just minutes. Car owners remove the old hood ornaments and emblems from the car's exterior, replacing them with custom pieces. Custom ornaments and emblems can be found online, including logos, letters and animals, depending on the desired design.

Car customizations aren't always under the hood. Many customizations are made to the exterior body and the interior of the cabin. Customizations are entirely dependent on the owner's style and preference.

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