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Travel Tips: Tips for a Smarter, Sweeter Journey.
The issues surrounding travel and jet leg are many:
There’s the pain and discomfort of carrying bags, lifting them in awkward locations, sitting in uncomfortable seating or standing for long periods — all of which are stressful on low back muscles, neck and shoulders and even facial muscles. The effects of sitting long periods and not moving your body: breathing shallow, slowed circulation, indigestion and edema — that swollen feeling caused by fluid retention in the legs, feet and ankles that give you that heavy, sluggish feeling when you arrive. Your body rhythms go out of whack from being in a new routine and/or time zone causing loss of sleep, poor concentration, fatigue and susceptibility to getting sick.
The best solution for treating jet lag is to plan a strategy that begins as you prepare for your trip and finishes a couple of days after you arrive.

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