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Dr. Brian Evans Discussing The Important Aspects of Eye Lifting Surgery

The eye lift surgery is a medical intervention that aims at improving the unpleasant aesthetic appearance of the eyes, which usually results from ageing. This kind of surgery also improves the appearance of the eyelid, treating the excess skin that masks the natural contour of the upper eyelid, as well as excess fat deposits from the upper and lower eyelids.

The correction of these issues can only be done surgically with this intervention that comes with spectacular results for most patients. After undergoing surgery, you will notice a tremendous improvement of the eyelids and surrounding areas. Furthermore, eye lift can also be performed for correcting wrinkles and the area around the eyes in the lateral portion. It can be combined with other facial rejuvenation interventions such as face lift.


What you should also know about this intervention is that incisions are hidden in natural folds of the eyelids, while postoperative scars are virtually invisible. The outcome occurs gradually, reducing swelling and bruising with small steps. In the end, you will obtain a rejuvenated appearance of the eyelids and the surrounding region.


Another advantage of eye lift is that risks are rare, being usually limited to bleeding, small infection in the area of the incision, poor healing, visual disturbances and a local discomfort sensation. In addition to this, there are also other complications that are due to the type of anesthesia used.


You will be able to resume regular activities a day or two after surgery and the recovery process will take place gradually. During this period, you are strongly advised to be as gentle as possible with your face and hair because the skin will be numbed and more sensitive to stimuli. Your surgeon will give specific instructions that you need to follow during the recovery period. Other things to avoid are chores, alcohol, cigarettes, steam baths and saunas for at least a month. Furthermore, you should give your body enough rest and save energy in order to ensure a fast healing process.


At first, your face will look and feel strange. Several features will be distorted due to edema, while facial movements will be slow and you will also notice certain scars appearing on your face. Bruising will persist for 2-3 weeks, during which you get tired easily. No wonder that some patients are disappointed and depressed at first. However, starting from the 3rd week you will feel and look much better. Most patients are able to return to their jobs in 10-14 days, even though some of them need to use makeup in order to hide the signs of the eye lifting intervention.


Dr. Brian Evans, plastic surgeons at Beverly Hills in California, is specialized in providing lower eyelid and upper eyelid blepharoplasty. A thorough first consultation is scheduled by Brian Evans MD to understand the requirements of patients before procedures are performed. Services provided include the surgical reshaping or augmentation of facial features and breasts, surgical body sculpting procedures, stem cell therapy, surgery for skin cancer and wound care surgery.

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