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Amorphous alloy has been in 2004 after a fire, when the silicon steel sheet because the supply is far less than demand led to the price rose, making the price of amorphous alloy transformer and the price of ordinary silicon steel transformer is no longer as large as ever, amorphous Alloy transformer has been looked up. However, with the 2008 Baosteel silicon steel batch off the assembly line, making silicon steel prices all the way down, amorphous transformer prices and silicon steel transformer prices opened again.

The past two years, amorphous alloy transformers and to make the rise, and into the country's recommended list of the company's network requirements to make amorphous alloy transformer must account for a certain proportion of hanging net. I believe that the reason is nothing more than the acquisition of a State Grid Corporation amorphous transformer, the need for internal digestion; the other hand, I believe that consumers are amorphous transformer manufacturers misled.

Amorphous into the field of transformers, relies on very low no-load losses, but the amorphous alloy of this material is very sensitive to external stress, the performance will deteriorate rapidly under stress, so the amorphous alloy transformer structure and silicon steel Core transformer is not the same. Silicon steel core transformer core is the transformer body skeleton, supporting the coil and lead, etc., mechanical strength is to ensure by the core. The amorphous change on the contrary, the core need to hang on the coil and can not be mechanical, mechanical strength of the body to rely on clamping the coil frame. However, in order to achieve the core is not force is not possible, so the actual product often occurs in the phenomenon of no-load loss test value of instability, dispersion is very large, because the transformer mainly by manual operation, the level of the operator of the amorphous Change the performance of a certain impact. Because the vast majority of users running the site does not have the loss of test conditions, so the amorphous change of the ultra-low no-load loss of the measured value of the factory and the factory test value is much difference is difficult to say.

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