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Will Health Insurance Cover Blepharoplasty? Consult Dr. Brian Evans MD

People seek an eyelid surgeon for a variety of reasons, including personal preference, aesthetic concerns, professional desires, trauma, and medical necessity. Whether your health insurance will cover your cosmetic eyelid surgery depends on your condition, the reason you seek surgery, and of course your insurance.…


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Different Types of Abdominoplasty Surgery - Dr. Brian Evans

If diet and exercise fail to deliver the desired petite waistline, you need a tummy tuck surgery. But, the more pertinent question is, which type of abdominoplasty surgery will deliver the slimming and attractive abs? Several types of tummy tuck surgery are available in today's age. You need to select the best-suited one to get the most rewarding results, right? This article explores these types in thorough detail.


Traditional Tummy…


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Weight Loss Treatments: Dr. Brian Evans

As the problem of obesity continues to grow, more and more people are taking extreme action to combat what is very often a medical condition. Many obese sufferers are even reverting to surgery as a quick fix, although a variety of other weight loss treatments are available today.


Obesity Statistics


With recent studies and corresponding results presenting a grim picture, obesity statistics have evolved into a clear and…


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Dr. Brian Evans Discussing The Important Aspects of Eye Lifting Surgery

The eye lift surgery is a medical intervention that aims at improving the unpleasant aesthetic appearance of the eyes, which usually results from ageing. This kind of surgery also improves the appearance of the eyelid, treating the excess skin that masks the natural contour of the upper eyelid, as well as excess fat deposits from the upper and lower eyelids.…


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Preparing for Reconstructive Surgery: Dr. Brian Evans

If we were to give a complete and correct definition of this cosmetic surgery branch, we could characterize reconstructive plastic surgery without doubt or hesitation both as a science and an art because it succeeds in rebuilding and reshaping the body image and build the patient's confidence in their own image.


Reconstructive surgery can help people in numerous situations. First, in case of large defects resulting from excision of various tumors or scar, areas can be…


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How Fat Transfer can be a Permanent Solution? Ask Dr. Brian Evans

Fat transfer has been successfully performed for the last 25-30 years. It has a long track record of success with proven permanent results. It has been documented that fat transfers do live through techniques used by many plastic surgeons. Fat transfer has fallen into more respect in recent years. In the past, many physicians and plastic surgeons believed that fat taken from one part of the body and put into another part of the body absorbed in its new location. Photographic documentation…


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