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Blepharoplasty - An Ultimate Solution for Droopy Eyes

Beautiful eyes, the reflection of one's inner soul, are desired by everyone. However, droopy eyelids, ageing, sagging eyebrows and accumulation of excess tissues are some of the reasons due to which it becomes difficult to accomplish this desire. Nonetheless, individuals can opt for surgeries related to eyes, eyelids and eyebrows to get beautiful eyes. …


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Should You Get Botox Injections for Wrinkles? Dr. Brian Evans

You've probably heard of many Hollywood celebrities, both men and women, getting Botox injections for wrinkles. They seem to be the miracle cure, judging by the porcelain smooth skin you so often see on television and in the movies.


It seems as if everyone is trying them, and since these injections seem to have such good results, what's wrong with trying them? What's the latest news on getting Botox injections for wrinkles?


Since everything in the world has a…


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Questions to Ask Your Doctor before Your Brazilian Butt Lift

Before getting any type of surgery, it is important to ask as many questions as you feel you need to make you feel as comfortable as possible with your doctor and the procedure. You should not be scared or ashamed of asking questions. The more questions the better! 

The Brazilian butt lift is a…


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Dr. Brian Evans - Forehead Wrinkles and the Options for Treatment

This is a discussion of wrinkles, how to treat them and the different alternatives out there. To make things more relevant we are going to concentrate on the wrinkles on the forehead to give you some perspective. But, in general, these treatment principles can be applied to anything on the face.


Wrinkles in the forehead are never attractive. They make you look worried, stressed, and aged, etc. There are many different options to rejuvenating the forehead. Included among these…


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If Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, Why Is There A Need For Cosmetic Surgery

What is the purpose of Cosmetic surgery, are cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures one and the same?

It could be argued that cosmetic and plastic surgery are very similar in that the end result is to create a more acceptable appearance, however the reasons for having surgery is what ultimately provides the difference.


Dr. Brian Evans a Borad Certified Plastic Surgeon at West Hills, California…


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Treating Skin Cancer with Mohs Surgery - Dr. Brian Evans

Skin cancer is the most typical type of cancer in people. The reason behind skin cancer is UV rays through the sunlight. Melanoma mainly takes place on sun-exposed areas like facial area, nasal area, lip area, ears, lower legs, wrists and hands, arms, upper trunk and balding scalp. You will find three primary types of skin cancers like basal cell carcinoma, squamous-cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common type of skin cancer and it's curable. The 2nd…


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Cosmetic Surgery Mole Removal - Dr. Brian Evans

Moles are dark spots or irregularities that can be found anywhere on your skin. They can appear in groups or individually, and vary in shape and size. These may be present at birth or may appear over time. Some moles, such as facial “beauty marks,” are considered attractive and some people may choose to keep them. However, some people are bothered by large or unsightly moles, and sometimes moles can lead to dangerous health risks. Mole removal is a common procedure. …


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Is Mineral Makeup Really Better - Ask Dr. Brian Evans

The Benefits of Mineral Makeup over regular or "traditional" makeup sold on the market today are, in fact, many. The number one reason most women make the switch is that Mineral Makeup can actually make a woman's skin look younger. Because it is a very lightweight and silky texture - not heavy and weighed down - it gives a very natural, and younger, look. Because Mineral Makeup is truly made up of micronized minerals, it actually sits on the skin and doesn't absorb into it, so it doesn't…


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Rhinoplasty for Doing Away With the Flaws of Your Nose - Brian Evans MD

Brian Evans MD: Today, rhinoplasty is one of the most common of all cosmetic surgery procedures that is aimed at reshaping your nose. Nose is one of the major defining factors of our facial beauty. Interestingly, it is the nose that becomes the source of maximum dissatisfaction for most of the people.


You ask around and you will find at least dozen people among your acquaintances that --- if…


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Dr. Brian Evans Discussing the Responsibilities of an Ethical Plastic Surgeon

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is big business nowadays. Every aspect of your body can be targeted via cosmetic surgeries and with new innovation and introduction of newer technology, plastic surgery is now available to the masses and not just meant for a privileged few. In fact society in general has more or less accepted plastic surgery as normal and people are not shy in proclaiming their desires for cosmetic enhancements.


All this has led to enormous growth in the plastic…


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Helping One to Heal and Recover Faster After Major Plastic Surgery

Healing after many plastic surgery procedures is uneventful and expected. However, certain types of patients and plastic surgery procedures result in outcomes that have wound healing problems. While not all wound healing complications can be prevented, some can be averted or lessened in their severity by preoperative preparation.


Better preparation means better outcomes. Better healing occurs when you are better able to optimize your immune system to avoid infections,…


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Body Contouring Plastic Surgery Procedures by Dr. Brian Evans MD for Women

At Dr. Brian Evans Plastic Surgery Body contouring plastic surgery procedures for women provide for a slim, toned and youthful looking profile. Procedures are available to improve almost all areas of the female body - the upper arms, breasts, abdomen, back, bra strap, hips, mons pubis, buttocks, thighs, love handles, knees and calves. More and more of…


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Get Rid of Excess Skin with a Body Lift from Dr Brian Evans after Massive Weight Loss

You've lost all the weight, you're on a strict diet-You're even JOGGING! But, there's just one problem actually many problems:

1) Excess skin you hadn't expected left after weight loss.

2) Stubborn pockets of fat that diet and exercise won't budge.

3) An overall feeling of "what's the point"? After you've lost so much weight but there's that little bit left that won't go away.…


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Reasons why to Consider a Facelift - Dr. Brian Evans MD

There are several reasons why you may consider facial rejuvenation. The most complete procedure is probably the facelift. With a facelift, you have the opportunity to get a holistic approach to facial rejuvenation. The top 5 reasons to consider a facelift are...

  • It’s the gold standard in facial rejuvenation
  • You have tried other minimally invasive procedures, and you realize that that you need a facelift
  • You want long-lasting results
  • You can get other…

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Dr. Brian Evans Cosmetic Surgery - Know Your Options

Brian Evans MD Board-certified plastic surgeon whose private medical practice has been divided between cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and the care of the burn-injured patient. Dr. Evans is a graduate of Cornell University in New York, and a highly respected member of the medical community. He is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and holds hospital affiliation with West Hills…


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