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January 2011 Blog Posts (12)

As a Manager: Are you a Multiplier or a Diminisher?

When a leadership expert meets up with a management consultant good advice can result. That is if the leadership expert is Liz Wiseman and the management consultant is Greg McKeown. They have written the book, Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. This book focuses on two different leadership styles: Multipliers and…


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In Business We Trust, or Do We Not? And How this Will Weigh on the World Economic Forum.

The Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters is perhaps best known to the world at large simply as "Davos". It is much more than a simple get-together of global leaders from many fields in a Swiss ski resort. For more than four decades, the Annual Meeting has provided leaders from industry, government, academia, civil society and the media with an unrivalled platform to…


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Apple’s Heir Apparently…

That Steve Jobs used the Martin Luther King holiday, when the markets were closed, as the day to announce he was taking another medical leave is just good business sense. This isn’t a show of lack of confidence in Tim Cook, the Chief Operating Officer that will be in charge of the day to day operations.

"I have great confidence in that Tim and the rest of…


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Social Media – It’s contagious! And that’s what hackers and spammers are counting on.

In the real world the more social one is during cold and flu season the more likely they are to catch something.  Well in Sophos’ annual Security Threat Report, published today, Social Networking Sites are now a primary target for Malware, Spam, Hackers, and an open avenue…


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Can this Marriage Be Saved?....Odds are better if nobody lied about money.

One needs good quality shock absorbers to drive on that road of romance. And you might want to keep that receipt from the mechanic…as proof of purchase, so there is no question where the money went. It seems fudging the books…


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7 Days to Opening: Art Masterpieces Meet Pandora - Marketing Million Dollar Artwork Online via the Music Site’s Model.

The art market like most markets has had their booms and busts. Many a financial advisor will tell their clients that in any market art is a good investment especially investing in the blue chip artists.


Here is an article by Ellen Gamerman and Kelly Crow for The Wall Street Journal.




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Verizon + iPhone = Freedom … perhaps.

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show in his usual sly funny wayspoke to the frustration of some civilized citizens wishing for a saner world.I’m not referring to his Rally for Sanity. Last night he offered his take onVerizon Wireless iPhone announcement. “Freedom!” bellowed Stewart with armsoutstretched, then he added, “Freedom to actually switch providers. Nothingmore than…


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Selecting ‘The Vital Few’ – Finding the Greatness Potential in Future CEO’s

What does it take to be a great leader in business?  If the answer could be formatted into a laundry list of qualities…who wouldn’t chose to be a great leader in business?  The Economist’s Schumpeter Blog delves into The Tussle for Talent in the corporate…


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How Self-Made Entrepreneurs go from Multimillionares to Billionaires

You are doing well but there is always better. How does one go from well off to super wealth as an entrepreneur? Forbes columnist and self-made billionaire passes along some sage advice.…


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Giving it mostly away….The New Who’s Who on The Buffet List.

The ball was started rolling by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates earlier this year. This ball is The Giving Pledge which is a campaign to encourage the wealthiest people in America to make a commitment to give most of their money to…


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Reading that is Fundamental and Profitable for 2011

The New Year is here. It’s a time for reflection on how to better ourselves, and who wouldn’t want to better their financial situation? Here is a Forbes List of 15 Books that will make you rich, compiled by Chris Barth.…


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The Bed Bug Epedemic has now grown to a "pan-demic" . Bed Bugs are appearing in hotels, office building, hospitals, apartments and private homes. The best way to determine if you have a Bed Bug problem is to have trained dogs perform a room by room search. These K9's have a highly sensitive abilty to detect the unique order given off by these nasty bugs. For more information contact me at - 352-283-3880

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