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personal instruction, are knowledgeable about outrigger that can add stability in a self-rescue situation. used to reenter a sit-on-top kayak when performing. Note that if the weather is rough, climbing back into the kayak is a task even if you know the tricks. And if you have See more at tutorial Emptying Kayak by Self. 6 Jan 2011 In this episode of C&K's Virtual Coach, Kuthe covers self rescue in a sea and a new school leader in sea and whitewater kayak instruction.11 Jul 2014 27 May 2009 How to Do a Kayak Self Rescue. Do a wet exit. Reach under your boat and grab your paddle float. Hook a leg inside the cockpit to keep the boat close. Deploy the paddle float, attaching it to one of your paddle blades. Flip the boat over and set up the paddle like an outrigger (with float in the water). 9 May 2018 The first step in any self-rescue that does not involve rolling a kayak is to Be sure to read the instructions for your kayak paddle float so that Self rescue for sea kayakers. Self-rescue for solo sea kayakers . much more detail, see the manual on paddle float rescue on the Mariner Kayaks website. Most sea kayak instruction books include a chapter Any kayak used on open water should have a .. A self-rescue for a double kayak requires co-ordina-.

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