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Use Mass Planner and Proxies for 30 Instagram Accounts

Hello Guys,

I heard of a guy who earned quite a bit money with making around 5 to 10 IG acc and using Mass Planner and Proxies to post and follower other people automaticely. Since 4 months I use around a dozen IG acc to earn follower. I use a not so bad IG-Bot, which I found on github . I have around 16k all in all, but I want to step to the next level with mass planner and proxies, because my new accs get banned really quickly. I think it's because I use the same IP for all accounts. So here what I want to know: Does the mass planner only functions as a reminder for my IG-Posts (like buffer or houtsuite) or does he post them without me verifying my posts on my smartphone? Commercial Product Animation can be marketed through video to create a lasting and powerful impact in the market. If mass planner only functions as a reminder, does that mean I have to use proxies for my smartphone? Because I have to login to the right account to post the pics and I could get banned if I log into 30 different accounts with the same IP.


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