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the emergency medicine department of

hip arthroplasty at our centre. O'Rourke1, S. Mun2, M. Browne3, J. Sheehan4, S. Cusack3, M. Molloy.1Aims: In Ireland, the demographics of sport related injury (SRI) in children has not adequately been described, as indicated by

the paucity of publications in the medical literature, and the purpose of this study was to provide up to date data to correctMethods: Data were collected on all children under 17 years of age with a SRI cartier love bracelet cheap, presenting to the emergency medicine department of

a major teaching hospital, over a six month period. The data, which included sport cartier love bracelet fake, age, sex, cause, type, site, time of injury,

and management, were entered into a database.

Results: We analysed 23 000 records, and identified 1143 SRIs over a six month period, from 53 different sports. Our results indicate

many statistical differences mens cartier bracelet, some of which were previously unreported, including a high proportion of humerus (p = 0.03)

and back (p = 0.01) SRIs in girls, a higher proportion of falls in girls (p = 0.0001) and interindividual collisions in boys

(p = 0.0001), low usage of protective gear (6% of SRIs), infrequent advice on RICE/general injury (25% of SRIs) and injury

preventive measures (

Conclusions: The data provided may raise awareness of the different aspects of SRIs affecting children and may be important in formulatingAim: To establish the effectiveness of a three month home exercise programme in the treatment of recalcitrant anterior knee pain

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