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June Chandler said that during a trip to Las Vegas in 1993, Jackson had tearfully asked why she would not allow her then 13 year old son Jordy to sleep in his bed.

"He was sobbing and crying, shaking and trembling," she said.

Mrs Chandler recounted that she relented love bracelet cartier prijs, and from then on her son would sleep in the same bed as Jackson at Neverland or at the boy's family home in Los Angeles.

Jackson, 46, is facing charges that he molested a different boy, now 15, at his Neverland Ranch, and has protested his innocence.

Mrs Chandler also said Jackson spent more than 30 nights in the boy's room, which only had one bed, sometimes remaining for "over a week or two at a time".

When she first allowed her teenage son to sleep in the same bed as the star, Jackson gave her a gold Cartier bracelet, she said, and later presented her with other lavish gifts.

In 1994, Jackson settled a US$20m (A$26m) lawsuit with the family, averting criminal charges and silencing them from taking the issue further.

Criminal prosecutions were abandoned when the teenager refused to testify while Jackson has always denied any wrongdoing.

Mrs Chandler told the court she first met the pop star at her husband's business in Los Angeles and told him to call if he ever wanted to see her son.

Jackson called the boy eight to 10 times and conversations lasted up to 90 minutes replica cartier bracelet, she said.

A former Neverland security guard has testified he saw Jackson perform oral sex on the boy.

Jordy Chandler, now in his mid 20s, is not involved in the current trial and is not expected to testify, and is said to be living overseas.

His mother is one of the most important witnesses to be called by prosecutors, although she admitted she has not spoken to her son for 11 years.

Earlier, Jackson's former publicist Bob Jones backtracked on his own testimony.

He initially surprised the prosecution by claiming he had never seen Jackson licking Jordy Chandler's head.

But when presented with an email he wrote on the subject, he changed his mind, telling the court that while he did not remember the incident, it must have happened as the email was sent from his computer.

"If it was in my email. I'm taking responsibility for my email," he said.

The 'licking' testimony is important to the prosecution's case as it would support testimony by Jackson's current accuser that he too was licked on the head by the singer.

Mr Jones worked as Jackson's publicist for 16 years before suddenly being fired last year when he began writing a tell all book about the entertainer cartier love bracelet white gold price.

Jackson is charged with molesting a then 13 year old boy at Neverland, plying him with alcohol and conspiring to commit false imprisonment, child abduction and extortion.

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